Lori Hall-McNary is a 3rd generation cowgirl who owns the historic Rockin’ L&D Ranch in Southern California. The ranch has been in her family almost 8 decades.
She is a Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) Master Western Instructor, CHA Instructor of the year, CHA Southern Cal State Rep and CHA Assistant Clinic Instructor. She has also been named one of The Top 50 Instructors by the American Riding Instructors Association.


Nathan is a 4th generation cowboy on the Rockin’ L&D Ranch.   Nate and his younger and older brothers show’d horses, rode in parades, trail rode, and participated in other community events. Nathan’s first equine was an ancient mixed breed pony he named Angel. His second equine was a Morgan cross he named Thunder.  Nathan is known as the “Piped Piper” of animals. Horses, to cats, chickens, goats all follow him while he does his barn chores. Nathan is Rockin’ L&D Ranch’s Barn Manager in charge of feeding, watering, cleaning stalls, checking on the health of each horse on a daily basis come rain or shine. He’s also Lori’s Assistant Instructor. His patience with new students is amazing. He has a knack to impart horse knowledge and riding skills in students of all ages.

Safe, fun and educational is part of the Rockin’ L& D Ranch philosophy.


 Intern Horse Trainer/ Lesson Instructor and is getting certified in 2019.
A fire was lit March 6th, 1994 when family members put Rachel on her first pony ride and couldn’t get her off. Ever since that day, she has taken every path that leads towards horses. Begging and pleading for a horse, Rachel’s mother compromised and put her in lessons at nine-years-old. Six months later, a Thoroughbred named Annie came along, but was taken away just as quickly. Feeling bad for Rachel, the ranch gifted a 20-year-old Quarter Horse/ Morgan to her, named Echo. They quickly became inseparable friends. Constantly riding trails, taking baths, practicing bare back loping, and any other shenanigans they could think of. Later on, at 17-years-old, Rachel wanted to help horses any way she could. So, she volunteered on a Wild Mustang Rescue. Introducing the wild horses to human interaction and rehoming them to forever homes. When it was time for college and work, she had to leave that behind, but she still took lessons any chance she could. Now, at 27, the fire is roaring bigger than ever before and can’t be ignored. Rachel is pursuing her career as our new Intern Horse Trainer/ Lesson Instructor and is getting certified in 2019. Her bubbly, patient demeanor will make you feel like you’ve always been a part of the Rockin’ L&D family.