Lori Hall-McNary is a 3rd generation cowgirl who owns the historic Rockin’ L&D Ranch in Southern California.
The ranch has been in her family almost 8 decades. 

She is a Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) Master Western Instructor, CHA Instructor of the year, CHA Southern Cal State Rep and CHA Assistant Clinic Instructor. She has also been named one of The Top 50 Instructors by the American Riding Instructors Association.
When she was 11 year old, her cousin gave Lori her first horse Shamrock. Everyone said she was pretty, but wouldn’t amount to anything as a “throw away horse.” With grit, determination and a lot of injuries, she trained the Palomino Quarter horse into a National Gymkhana Champion. As a young mother, Lori trained a Morab, Coco into a California Gymkhana champion. Coco and a little buckskin quarter horse Shurroco, were named among the top five CHA Lesson Horses in the nation.
Through the years, Lori has inspired her students to become the best they can be. She often calls upon her motto from her early Shamrock days, “Champions aren’t born, they’re made”. At the Rockin’ L&D Ranch, her students are taught to believe the mantra “Yes I can.” Using CHA safety guidelines and skill progression she customizes training for each student so they can succeed in their goals.
Lori’s show career winnings includes hundreds of trophies, ribbons, buckles, saddles, tack, cash jackpots. Her student success echo the same winnings with many moving on to high school and college rodeo, professional barrel racing and showing in other disciplines.
Lori holds a Bachelor Business Administration Degree and is a prolific and published writer. She has written countless articles for Children’s, Business, Trade, and Horse magazines.


Nathan is a 4th generation cowboy on the Rockin’ L&D Ranch. 
Nate and his younger and older brothers show’d horses, rode in parades, trail rode, and participated in other community events. 

Nathan’s first equine was an ancient mixed breed pony he named Angel,
His second equine was a Morgan cross he named Thunder.
Nathan is known as the “Piped Piper” of animals,
Horses, to cats, chickens, goats all follow him while he does his barn chores.

Nathan is Rockin’ L&D Ranch’s Barn Manager in charge of feeding, watering, cleaning stalls, checking on the health of each horse on a daily basis come rain or shine. He’s also Lori’s Assistant Instructor.
His patience with new students is amazing. He has a knack to impart horse knowledge and riding skills in students of all ages.

Safe, fun and educational is part of the Rockin’ L& D Ranch philosophy.